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Versa Press, Inc.

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Versa Press, Inc.


Versa Press has a modern, state of the art prepress department. We accept most widely used prepress layouts and design file formats. A strategic advantage to our customers is our ability to receive PDF files through the internet and process them into fully imposed lithographic plates using equipment by Kodak and Screen, leaders in precise proof and plate production. All of our customers are assured that their files are securely received, carefully examined and accurately processed

  • Preflighting
  • Mac and PC environment
  • PDF workflow
  • Computer-to-plate
  • Archiving and downloading
  • Web-based file submission, preflighting, and soft proofing
  • Application software compatibility:
    • Quark
    • InDesign
    • Illustrator
    • Photoshop
  • Proofing options:
    • Epson proofs
    • Digital color proofs
    • Laser Proofs
    • Press Proofs

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Digital File Preparation