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Versa Press, Inc.

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Versa Press, Inc.

About Us

Versa Press is a family owned business located in East Peoria, Illinois. We are a leading manufacturer of trade, religious, educational, medical, university, and commercial publications.

Throughout our history, we have provided exceptional value and customer service through our experienced staff and their superior printing craftsmanship.

Versa Press began in 1937, originally named Copy Cats, LTD. One of the founders, the late Floyd D. Kennell, served as President until 1979. Joseph F. Kennell, his son, served as President from 1979 to 2001 and is currently the company’s Chairman of the Board. His son, Steven J. Kennell, has served as President since 2001.

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In 1986, the company’s name was changed to Versa Press, Inc. The name Versa comes from the company’s ability to produce a vast number of trim sizes. The plant, originally located on Washington Street in Peoria, Illinois, is presently located in East Peoria, Illinois. The initial business was to produce photostats, blueprints and offset printing.

In 1952, the business changed entirely to offset printing to service its primary customers. In 1984, the company changed its specialty to book and catalog manufacturing for publishers across the country.

Currently, Versa Press has a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing superior customer service. Our staff has in-depth working knowledge of each of their customer’s jobs as they move through production.

Your representative regularly works with planning, scheduling, proofing, and shipping to effectively communicate your needs. We want to build an enduring relationship with every customer.

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