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Versa Press Offers New Gritty Matte Lamination

Versa Press was chosen as one of only a couple companies to work with Transcendia to qualify a new Gritty Nylon lamination option that we’re now ready to announce!

TRANS KOTE® Gritty Nylon™ is the latest addition to Transcendia’s family of next-generation thermal laminating films. This product utilizes a gritty top-coating over a Nylon laminating film, giving the final book a multi-dimensional finish that can be seen and felt. This gritty top-coating creates a unique, textured surface that also provides the laminate with a superior scratch-resistant finish. TRANS KOTE® Gritty Nylon™ will provide a value-added finish to books without the need for a conventional UV top-coating process.

This new offering from Versa Press:

  • Is finger print resistant
  • Offers superior scuff resistance
  • Has a grainy, rough surface
  • Is water, oil, acid, and alkali resistant.

You can really feel the difference! Contact your Sales Rep, or if you’re not a current Versa Press customer let us know, and we’d be happy to send you a sample so you can feel the difference for yourself!

*TRANS KOTE® is a registered trademark of Transcendia, Inc. for its PET, polypropylene, and nylon film.  Only Transcendia, Inc. makes TRANS KOTE®.